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TSAVO is a real estate investment company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We design, build, sell and manage apartments specifically for investment. Our focus on only studios and one- bedroom apartments is because they are affordable and yield the highest return.


At the heart of TSAVO is a core that does not change; our North Star that guides our vision, strategy, long term goals, methods and performance standards. TSAVOISM is made up of Purpose, Core Values and Business Model.


Our Purpose is to enable investors achieve Financial Independence through Affordable Amazing Apartments.

Our Core Values.

These are exhibited in everything we do,everything we say, everything we are:
TSAVOrite Discipline, Investor Partnership, Resident Experience & Value Innovation.

Our Business Model

To enable working professionals invest in their Financial Independence
requires an end-to-end investment ecosystem built on Specific, Methodical and Consistent strategic practices. TSAVO therefore designs, sells, builds, and manages studio and one-bedroom apartments specifically for investments. We ensure our decisions are data driven and thereby making our investments low risk. The evolution of this ecosystem stemmed from these critical strategic considerations:

Customer Segment
  • Working Professionals
  • Investment Groups
Customer Needs
  • Financial Security
  • Affordable Investments
  • Accessible financing
Unique Value Proposition

Financial independence through Affordable Amazing Apartments

  • Affordable Amazing Apartments
  • Investment advisory
  • Payment Plans
  • Property management


These are the talented, the disciplined, and the passionate. They are driven, fierce, and ambitious. The heavens are above them, the earth below them and fire within them. When asked “what do you do?” their singular reply is “Whatever it takes!” They are the iconoclastic ones who engage with the purpose like it’s about to go extinct. They value experience and partner with the disciplined; taking their tasks as responsibilities, they work for no one but the truth, the noble, the great.

Leonard Mcharo – Director

Emily Mcharo, CFA – Director

Jacqueline Njuhi – Finance

Martha Inyuma – Investment Consultant

Isaac Mwamburi – Investment Consultant

Jonathan Musyoki – Procurement
Grace Muriuki – TSAVO Lifestyle
Joseph Mwendwa – TSAVO Lifestyle
Daniel Too – Master Builder
Hillary Bore – Master Builder
Teddy Maiyo – Master Builder

Sam Kyalo – TSAVO Communication

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 6:15am
Brutal architecture with landscaping... a safe haven for your investment. https://t.co/HHQeRdIO2l tsavo_ke photo
Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 2:54am
Here's an update of the Skwalk by @tsavo_ke . The 1 bedroom houses are now sold out. Studio and Junior 1 bedrooms still available from Ksh 2M. Call Sally of Tsavo Properties on +254718850527 to book/ visit the development. https://t.co/Chhm6Yvz16 tsavo_ke photo

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