Give us this day our daily bread

Enabling investors achieve their financial independence is our purpose at TSAVO, it is the mission we have been called to, its a pursuit worth dedicating lives to.


When this purpose was taking shape in our collective psyche as a company, a thought kept coming to my mind. I at first rejected that thought because I was not sure it was proper but over time I accepted it and let it settle and allowed it to take over my entire thought process.


Let me share that thought 


From beginning to end, the Lord’s prayer focuses on spiritual things yet there is one line that deals with our everyday existence, “Give us this day our daily bread” This is the line that kept bothering me. I don’t know whether to call it an inner voice or simple memory of the prayer or an inner desire to connect what we do to something eternal. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that this single line defines our mission in life. I picture very vividly in my mind many families sitting around the dinner table giving thanks for their daily bread. Daily bread they are sure of having because of the investment decisions they made. This is our definition of success and the fulfillment of our purpose.


It may be presumptuous or arrogant to think that a small and insignificant company like TSAVO can play a part in something as great and eternal as the Lords’s prayer. I don’t even know if this link is theologically sound yet even if I am wrong in this link, having families giving thanks for their daily provision because of investments they made with us is an ideal worth dedicating my life to.


I contemplate a great deal and the understanding that we have been called to enable investors secure their future fills me with a great sense of responsibility. It is a responsibility I carry with fear and trembling because the consequences are long term and too important to take lightly. I have watched too many people live lives without dignity in their old age yet these are people who had good jobs in their working years. Having seen the fruits, I am confident that if we carry out this work with the sanctity it deserves, if we link our daily actions to something eternal, then we will see the seriousness and urgency of what we do.


The future of our investors’ families depends on how well we deliver on our promise. You have entrusted us with your hard-earned cash which you got through blood, sweat, and tears and the best we can do is dedicate our lives to enable you achieve your financial independence so that in time you will sit around the dinner table with your family and give thanks for your daily bread.



This is Leonard Mcharo

Encouraging you to,

Invest in your Financial Independence.

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  • Interesting way of putting it. Thank you


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