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Congratulations on taking this step on your FIRE Journey! How ready are you to begin earning while you sleep?

We are here to help you with any queries you may have with regard to the handover process😁

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The Handover Process

  1. We send you the practical completion certificate once the building has been completed.
  2. we introduce you to Lifestyle, the management company that will be caring for your investment.
  3. We follow up on your payment status of the unit and legal fees, as well as the sales agreement.
  4. We send you the Project Management Agreement, which you sign and Lifestyle manages your unit.
Frequently Asked 

The sales agreement is an ownership document. It ensures that we can trace the ownership of the unit back to you. When you sign it, you are then able to proceed with the ownership process as there is visibe proof that the uit is yours.

The Property Management Agreement is the key to getting you to earn while you sleep. 

It establishes the terms and conditions of the working relationship between the investor and Lifestyle. It typically outlines the responsibilities of the management company, the scope of services, and the service charge.

Stage 2 legal fees consist of the installation of water and electricity meters, as well as payment of service charge. The amount is outlined in your Sales Agreement.

Feel free to reach us at mypartner@tsavo.ke or +254 113024691 in case of any questions😊

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