TSAVO Fellowship

TSAVO is a real estate investment company. We exist to enable investors achieve financial independence through affordable amazing apartments. At our core, we are a purpose and value-driven company. Discipline, Partnership, Experience, and Value Innovation are our core values. 

We are constantly looking to grow our team of young brilliant people who partner with  us to accomplish our purpose as they earn while they sleep. Yes we are eccentric and if that’s how you are wired, it’s you we are looking for.

TSAVOISM, our culture, dictates the working environment. It is a high performance, entrepreneurial culture with a lot of learning where all Tsavorites get high value and high values. Making it an all-round holistic environment for personal growth.

Our Functions

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This is the function responsible for recruiting new investors and ensuring the movement lives on.



This is the function that enables our engine to function optimally through compliance, systems, people & finance

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The builders create and deliver our Affordable Amazing Apartments

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Lifestyle ensures the Young Aspirational Urbanite has the space to Be Belong & Become as they guarantee returns for the investor.

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