TSAVO Fellowship

TSAVO is a real estate investment company. We exist to enable investors achieve financial independence through affordable amazing apartments. At our core, we are a purpose and value-driven company. Discipline, Partnership, Experience, and Value Innovation are our core values. 

We are constantly looking to grow our team of young brilliant people who partner with  us to accomplish our purpose as they earn while they sleep. Yes we are eccentric and if that’s how you are wired, it’s you we are looking for.

TSAVOISM, our culture, dictates the working environment. It is a high performance, entrepreneurial culture with a lot of learning where all Tsavorites get high value and high values. Making it an all-round holistic environment for personal growth.

Currently Searching For

Movement Fellow

We’re searching for you. Yes, you! Are you an excellent communicator with a knack for teamwork? Then look no further! We’d love to have you with us in the Fellowship program!

Your Key responsibilities will be:

  1. Understanding and addressing investor needs
  2. Resolving investor issues quickly and promptly
  3. Well conversant with technology and automation
  4. Onboarding of investors
  5. Maintenance of legal data
  6. Understanding of property management agreements

If you know this is for you, don’t hesitate! Apply by clicking the FIRE button above or apply here. See you soon!

Flywheel Fellow

Hello, is it you we’re looking for? if you’re an intelligent, disciplined accountant, then the answer is YES!

The qualifications are simple:

  1. Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Economics with a professional qualification as CPA/CFA
  2. Solid knowledge of Financial and Accounting Procedures.
  3. Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.
  4. Knowledge of financial regulations
  5. Excellent analytical and numerical skills
  6. Sharp time management and communication skills
  7. Strong ethics, with the ability to manage confidential data.
  8. Strong attention to detail.

Apply via the Flywheel provision below or click here. See you soon!

Our Functions

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This is the function responsible for recruiting new investors and ensuring the movement lives on.



This is the function that enables our engine to function optimally through compliance, systems, people & finance

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