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Karibu TSAVO.
We are looking for top brains in society to join our team of young and brilliant individuals. 
If you are wired for success and eager to make a difference, you might be the person we seek. 
Who are we?
We are Tsavorites! 
We are the talented, disciplined, bold, and passionate; the heavens are above us, the earth below us, and a great fire is within us.
We exist to enable our investors to achieve Financial independence through Affordable, Amazing Apartments.
The community comprises investors, residents, and tsavorites. 
TSAVO is a real estate investment company in Kenya, founded in July 2015.

What we believe in
Our unique culture, TSAVOISM, is the cornerstone of our working and living environment. 
It is a high-performance culture that delivers value and values.
We are a purpose-driven company guided by 4 Core Values:
1. Discipline
2. Experience
3. Partnership
4. Value Innovation
TSAVOISM is our way of life, governed by principles that enable you to achieve Financial Independence (FIRE)

What we do
We exist to enable our investors to achieve Financial independence through low-risk, high-return Affordable, Amazing Apartments. 
This allows the investor to enjoy their retirement years without any financial worries.
We provide a complete solution for investors, from design through construction and management of their property. 
Design » Sell » Build » Manage
The idea is to allow the investor to have a passive source of income.

What’s in it for you?
By joining the #TSAVO team, you’ll enjoy:
1. The promise to achieve Financial Independence 
2. A Rewarding Experience that fosters personal and professional growth
3. Being part of an eccentric, innovative team that values your unique contributions
4. The chance to make a real impact in the lives of investors and residents, thus changing the world

Apply below for the procurement role below. 

If you think you’re an intelligent, disciplined individual who can do ‘whatever it takes,’ then TSAVO is the right place for you!

You can simply apply through the functions below.

FIRE – Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations

Flywheel – Finance and Human Relations

Master Builders – Architects and project manager

Lifestyle – Property managers and Customer experience

Just know, you are joining a team of super-intelligent human beings 💪🏼

All the best. 🙏🏼

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Our Functions

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This is the function responsible for recruiting new investors and ensuring the movement lives on.



This is the function that enables our engine to function optimally through compliance, systems, people & finance

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The builders create and deliver our Affordable Amazing Apartments

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Lifestyle ensures the Young Aspirational Urbanite has the space to Be Belong & Become as they guarantee returns for the investor.

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