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Frequently asked  questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions based on your queries. If you don’t find answers to your query, please send us an email.

Yes there are, there is Stamp Duty at 4% of the Purchase Price(subject to an open market valuation by Government Valuer) and Legal Fees which are all well broken down and explained in the sale agreement.

Yes we do. Our one-stop-shop business model is designed to enable you to earn while you sleep. TSAVO Lifestyle steps in to actualize this, by enabling residents to Be. Belong & .Become in your affordable amazing apartments, we enable you to earn passive rental income.

Depending on the mode of payment you used.

Cheque-reflects immediately.

Mpesa -reflects immediately.

RTGS/EFT-Takes two days

Bank Transfer NCBA-NCBA

Standing orders-24hrs

Pesalink -72hrs

Should you experience any technical challenges while paying, please contact the Finance department through

Depending on the mode of payment you use, immediately the funds reflect in our account we send you a receipt.

Ready to jump-start your financial independence journey?

We understand that this journey requires someone to walk with that is why we have FIRE Partners ready to advise and help you make the best investment decision. 

If you are looking to invest or have a query about any of the properties, leave your details below and we will link you with a FIRE Partner.

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Tsavo Investment Process

Construction Update
Financial independence
Select the project you want to invest in, number of units and typology of the units.
Choose the best payment plan for you. Pay the 20% deposit and start paying your monthly installments
Construction Update
You are added to an email list where you’ll receive a weekly site update of the project until completion.
After completion of project, we host a Grand Opening ceremony celebrating the completion and handover the unit to you.
Sign the property management agreement and let us get you a tenant, collect the rent for you and manage your unit.
Financial Independence
You now have passive monthly cashflow from the rental income. Be wise, understand “The Power of Compounding”