How much more do you have left?



You have 420 payslips that should sort you out in your retirement years. What you do with them now is your choice and the repercussions are also your own.

Somebody forwarded this short message to me which I thought could be the wake-up call some of us really need.

Please do not pretend that you have more years to go on retirement. Don’t think you have many years ahead of you.Β  Age 60 is just around the corner. Do not be taken unaware. The time to plan is today and now. May we be guided to plan and be granted the wisdom to make the right decisions and investments toward our future.

Are you banking on your children to feed and take care of you when you are old and retired? πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚?!!That is not a wise thinking at all πŸ˜€. These our children that you’ll buy biscuits for and ask that they share with you, only for them to tell you it is their own, that you should go buy yours. πŸ˜‚

There is a paradigm shift in the coming generations. Even those of our generation, how much do we give our parents monthly? Hmmm. Pensions are failing, social benefits are fast eroding, children are struggling to make ends meet, where lies the fate of the aged? Now is the time to plant the tree ( investment ) that will feed and shelter us when we grow old, or else……! 😭

Dont bank on unreliable sources to finance your lifestyle when you retire that is the path to dependence and dependance ends up reaping off your dignity in the end.

Gaurd your dignity by choosing the right path, the path to independence, financial independence.

Financial Independence is having assets that generate sufficient monthly cashflows to finance your needs wants and desires.Β 

The time to start is today and now.

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  • Very true, thank you for that article,when is your next training


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