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Some essentials to make your life a little bit easy as a Tsavorite are just a tap away.

Raise An Issue
Have a problem in your apartment? Tell us what it is and we'll sort you out😉
Cleanse The Clan
Let us help you keep your peace by sorting out those pesky happenings around you😊
Payment Details
Don't stay confused about where and how to pay for the basics. We're here to help😄

Here are our recommendations of what to Watch and Listen this week.

Understand First Then Invest

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers! We appreciate you!

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Practice gratitude

Take time to appreciate the good things in your life, such as your health, family, and friends. Practicing gratitude can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts and improve your overall well-being



Did you know?

Mother’s Day spending in the United States is estimated to be over $20 billion annually


Caption This Photo!

We’re excited to kick off a new game in our community newsletter: Caption This Photo! Take a look at the photo to your right and come up with a creative caption. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Take a look at the photo.
  2. Come up with a creative caption. 
  3. Submit your caption by Thursday by clicking here
  4. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner in our next newsletter.

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CAPTION:  “When you hear someone call your name but you don’t know who it is

By Ian Wesonga



We are excited to announce the launch of the Boxing Club at Coral Bells by TSAVO! We believe that fitness should be fun, and what better way to get your sweat?

The Boxing Club is open to residents of all fitness levels and experience levels – whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, we have something for everyone. Our instructor will be on hand to provide expert guidance and help you get the most out of every session.

Not only is boxing a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress, but it’s also a fantastic way to connect with your fellow residents and make new friends.
So, what are you waiting for? Come grab some gloves and join us for our next session! We can’t wait to see you.

To Join, reach out to the contact provided above or join us at the Community Center on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays from 11:00am

We are Hiring!

Join us for a night of fun, entertainment and talent at our 3rd Open Mic at Tsavo Skywalk on April 19th, from 6pm to 8pm!


Show off your hidden talents and bring out the superstar in you. Singers, poets, comedians or magicians, we want to see what you’ve got! Interested in performing? Register here.

For those who prefer to sit back and enjoy the show, we’ve got some amazing performances lined up that will leave you entertained and wanting more.

Let’s kick back, relax and enjoy an evening full of laughter, music and great company. See you there!


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Tap on Your TSAVO Residence to see the payment Details for rent and your utilities.


Pay Bill No: 4092801
Account No- Hse No (E.g. LP-A111)


Pay bill No: 4093799
Account No- Hse No (E.g. LP-A111)


Pay Bill No: 4092819
Account No- Hse No (E.g. ND-111)


Pay bill No: 7857382
Account No- Hse No (E.g. ND-111)


Pay Bill No: 4092805
Account No- Hse No (E.g. CB-A001)


Pay bill No: 4093765
Account No- Hse No (E.g. CB-A001)


Pay Bill No: 4092799
Account No- Hse No (E.g.TS-111)


Pay bill No: 4095263
Account No- Hse No (E.g. TS-111)


Pay Bill No: 4092803
Account No- Hse No (E.g.RS-111)


Pay bill No: 4095265
Account No- Hse No (E.g. RS-111)


Pay Bill No: 4094833
Account No- Hse No (E.g. SW-A111)


Pay bill No: 4096727
Account No- Hse No (E.g. SW-A111)


Introducing our new section: Resident Feedback. We’re sharing valuable input from residents and our planned actions to address their concerns. Stay tuned for this week’s highlights

Here is our reply to the resident:

“…Regarding the switch of units, we will let you know at the end of this month on the availability of the units. Currently, we do not have studios available though we will let you know towards the end of the month.

Regarding our policy on refunds for residents who have not stayed in their unit for at least 6 months, and we want to provide clarification on this matter.

Our policy is in place to avoid charging letting fees to investors every few months and to maintain consistency in our policies. However, we want to clarify that this policy only applies to residents who choose to move out of their unit voluntarily. If a resident is asked to vacate the unit due to circumstances beyond their control, such as the investor taking back management of their unit, the policy does not apply, and the resident will be entitled to a refund.”



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