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You can raise a support ticket by filling out the form embedded above. Start by choosing the appropriate category for your issue to proceed.

You can raise tickets for various concerns including Repair and Maintenance (for all repairs), Receipts and Billing (for all financial concerns), Cleanse The Clan (for community concerns), Caring Community (for mental wellness), Vacation Notice, and Information Update (for any data updates).

Once you submit a ticket, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a unique ticket number. You can use this ticket number to track the status of your request on our website. You’ll also be notified when it is assigned, when a technician is available (depending on the ticket type), and when the issue has been resolved.

Make sure to provide a detailed description of your issue or request, your contact information, and any relevant details such as photos/documents, and your current residence (apartment and house number).

Even though response times may vary depending on the nature and urgency of the request, our support team aims to respond to all tickets within a 3-6 hour period.

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Community Guidelines

Explore our community guidelines, the guidelines that keep our community safe and harmonious. Good vibes only as we create a thriving environment for everyone.

Fun & Games

We get it, meetings and classes can sometimes feel like a marathon of yawns. We’ve got some awesome games to spice things up and keep those eyes wide open! 🎮Let the fun begin! 🚀

Look out for different games each month!