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There comes a time when we need to take bold steps to shape our future, to embrace opportunities that can truly make a difference in our lives. And that time is now.

Change Your Life by Changing Your Residence

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That a bold move, and we applaud you.

We like such bold people, and we think you should consider yourself part of The Bold Who Change The World.

And who are The Bold Who Change The World?

We are diverse, welcoming, and inclusive. We are creative and innovative

We believe that everyone has something to offer, and we are committed to creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and supported.

We believe that community is essential for creating change, and we create opportunities for our residents to connect, collaborate, and support each other.

And, we all live here in TSAVO!

So why not join The Bold Who Change The World in Thindigua today? Fill in the form below to join the community, or contact us directly using the number below.

Snippets from the Comm-you-nity

"Walai moving to Thindigua was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The change of location has been great for me and my family. We love how close everything is, and the community here is so welcoming. Thindigua has given us the opportunity to live in a peaceful and friendly town that's not far from town, and that's what's up."
"For such a small area, Thindigzz is so convenient. It kidogo feels like those small towns you see in the movies where everyone knows everyone."
"I went hiking with a friend to Karura, bought a few hotdogs at Quickmart some time back. Out of curiosity I asked if there were apartments nearby. It's now been a few months since I moved in and no regrets so far! The change was definitely worth it."
"My first interaction with Thindigua was duing a roadtrip. We stopped at the KFC on Kiambu Rd for refreshments kidogo , picked a few things from Liquor Library, then went on our way. Now I'm a regular. Aki Kiambu wewe"
"I genuinely love this place but weeeuuuh the dust! When it doesn't rain it genuinely feels like I'm in a National Geographic documentary about the Sahara Dessert. Other than that, it's all good over here."
"Serenity plus details = cute little space"
"Modern designs, serene environment, youthful energy, photographic areas especially for content creators like me, and the people there are always friendly"
"The most unique thing about TSAVO must be the culture and environment it offers. TSAVO offers exactly that with the modern design and social community built around it. Dope!"