TSAVO has more than 60 people in its team in the respective parts of the relay; Master Builders, Flywheel, Lifestyle, and FIRE.

The relay begins with FIRE. The FIRE team presents Affordable Amazing Apartments to investors for their purchase. From there, Flywheel collects the money and handles the investor’s legal inquiries. They provide funding to the Master Builders who design and construct the apartments. Upon completion, it is then handed over to Lifestyle, who ensure the investor’s units are occupied, thus delivering the 8% rental yield promise.

The Team


This is the team that gives the investors what they need. From purchase to communication, investor experience is a large part of this team’s M.O. and it works to give investors the best they can get.

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Flywheel handles the operations part of TSAVO. Financial, Legal, and H.R. matters are what this step in the relay constitute of, making the technical part of the investor’s journey as smooth as possible. 

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Master Builders

These is the team tasked with delivering the Amazing Affordable Apartments to the investors. They came up with the 24 month construction life of a project and are passionate about delivering the best an investor can get.

Master Builders

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Lifestyle is tasked with tenant onboarding and retention. They do this by giving residence a way of living they can only find at TSAVO, enabling them to Be, Belong, and Become.

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Building communities where Young Aspirational Urbanites can Be Belong and Become is our way of life.