Self-discipline and money

Self-discipline and money

“In reaching the lives of great men, I find that their first victory was over themselves.  Self-discipline came first” Harry Truman


The primary reason why most adults have financial problems is not due to low earnings. The cause goes back to your childhood. When you were young and received money, your first thoughts were on candy! 

Candy is …… well sweet

Candy is delicious 

Candy fills your mouth with a sugary flavor.

Many children could eat candy until they are sick because it tastes so good! 

As we grew older, we developed what psychologists call “conditioned response” to receiving money from any source. We salivate at the thought of spending the money on something that makes us feel good, ­atleast temporarily. Clothes, cars, socializing, entertainment, travel, etc. The equation is 

Money= Spending = Happiness. 

In fact the happier you are the more compelled you are to spending money on something, anything. Think Christmas, vacations, the mall, etc. 


Happiness is the progressive achievement of a worthy ideal. 

The first step towards financial independence is to rewire your attitude towards money. 

You need to reach into your subconscious to disconnect the wire linking spending with happiness and connect that wire to the investment wire. From that moment on. you will change from “I feel happy when I spend money” to “I feel happy when I invest money”: 

Money= Investing = Happiness.

Once you start investing, your investment account is invaluable! Your joy will come from seeing your investments and resulting passive income grow. 

“The chains of habit are too tight to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” – Warren Buffett 


1.Pay yourself first 

Most people spend what they earn then try to invest the rest, this never works. Invest first then spend the balance. 

2.Invest for your entire life 

To achieve financial independence. you need to invest 15-25% of your monthly income depending on your desired outcome. 25%??!! You say, it’s quite easy, actually – let me introduce you to 2 principles to help you. 

(l)The 1% rule 

You earn 100% so you can live on 99% right? So. save 1% on month 1. 2% on month 2. 3% on month 3… You get the drift. Do this for 2 years and you will be saving 25%.

(II) The Wedge Principle 

“Expenses rise to meet income” is the operational rule in people’s lives. Drive a wedge between your income and expenses. Commit that any extra income you get from the salary increase, at least 50% will be invested. 

3.Don’t eat the children of your investment

The Miracle of compounding happens when you reinvest the earnings from your investments.

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  • This is great and encouraging to financial independence.

  • Very informative! Thank you Tsavorites🙏🏽.

  • “1st step towards financial independence is rewiring the attitude towards money”
    Thats an excellent lesson.

    Geoffrey Kileta
  • great insight @Tsavo on financial independence

  • Very punchy and informative I love it…

    AllanoB Simiyu

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