Most of what we think about money is completely false. We have believed in a lie that has been propagated to us by our parents, our educators, the media and government systems. And to be fair, a lot of these propagators have believed in this lie themselves.


You see money is not unlike magic, and magic has two sides to it. The first side of magic is the illusion that the audience sees, some of these illusions are so fantastic that most people believe that the magician has some spiritual powers that make him do the impossible. What we know about money is this illusion.


The second side of magic is what the magician knows. The magician does not focus on the false beliefs but he focuses on learning, this learning takes very many years of practice on very specific actions using all manner of mechanicals, not spiritual, very mechanical contraptions. Now, this is the side of money that we need to explore.


So the question you want to ask yourself is, which side of this magic show are you on? Are you the audience? Or are you the magician?


Are you mesmerized by your own need for consumerism? Or do you have solid focus on creating solutions for the needs, wants and desires of other people?


Are you tirelessly working for money to buy stuff to feel good and impress others? Or is money working for you to buy investments that solve the problems of other people?


Do you believe that wealth is the shillings and cents that you have to work for? Or do you understand that true wealth is the business systems and investments that work for you?


Do you believe that money is finite and controlled by other forces outside of yourself like government or the super-rich? Or do you understand that money is infinite and fully in your control?


Here is a challenge to be on the right side of this magic show. Take some time to educate yourself about money. You can start with two simple questions, one is, what is money? The other question is, how is money created?  And by getting this information you gain some insight into what money is, and not believe the illusion that we have told to believe.

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  • Wonderfully expressed, candidly juxtaposed and impactfully illustrated

    Caleb Aaron
  • Indeed I choose to build systems and investments that work for me, money aught to work for me that I may solve the problems of other people.


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