No Deposit? No Problem

All the times you looked at houses and apartments and thought “One day”. Real estate has an elevated entry price, that’s true. So what do we do? We find out what potential investors want and deliver. Enter Zero Deposit.

The 0% Deposit payment plan means you can now fast track your investment journey without one of the things that prevent entry into real estate (Hint, it’s the deposit🤫). 

“How?” you may ask. Well, it’s very simple! Just divide the unit price by the number of months you will require to pay (maximum 60) and there you have it!

How Can I Begin?

  1. Get in touch with a FIRE Partner
  2. Look though the available projects and see which one would best suit your investment needs.
  3. Select a typology you’re interested in and do the math to see whether it works for you.
  4. Let your FIRE Partner book the unit for you.
  5. Make the payments.
  6. when completed, wait for your monthly rental income😍
What Are People 

The calculation is deliciously simple. 

Just divide the purchase price of your desired unit by the number of months you would like to pay (maximum 60). The answer you get is your monthlies😁

It’s ideal to stick to the time you have chosen. However, if you are able to clear the balance in a shorter period, why not? The sooner you can get your rental income😊

This is not a rent to own arrangement. The project is off plan and you gain ownership after completion of payment.

Feel free to reach us at or +254 700081605 in case of any questions😊

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