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This month, we are pleased to feature a local business that specializes in water refilling – Coral Bells Water Refill. The owner, Rogers, has been providing high-quality water refilling services to our community, and has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

About myself. 

My full names are Rogers K. Ngati married for 17years to my one and only wife Beth Ngati and we are blessed with two amazing Boys Hantas 16yrs and Matthew 12yrs.


Why the Name Maha?

My wife came up with the name Maha which she derived from our son’s first two letter names initials Matthew Hantas. We later came to learn that Maha means GREAT.  It was God ordained from the word go and we are going far by God’s grace.🙏


Why Water Business?

I believe God gave us that idea because we were looking for something that does not expire quickly, and everyone uses in their day to day life. So, When God landed us in Carol Bells Tsavo and we saw the opportunity of setting up water Business we took the opportunity and run with it.


Our Vision and Mission:

Our vision is as we Grow to a Factory setting is to Help/Empower/Employ many Jobless young people in our Society and to mentor them in a Godly way so that they can live to fulfil their God given purpose in their life’s. 


Maha Water Mart started operation in November 2021.

We do purification of water through a method called Reserve Osmosis. Which is Purification of Salty bore hole water to healthy/safe drinkable water without removing all the important minerals that are useful for our body. Our water is tested and approved by KEBS

Our team:

We are a small family business just for a season.

I am in charge of marketing, my wife is in charge of finance, our son does all our Graphics and Designs aspects of the business and Antony Kamau our only staff for now is in charge of logistics.


Our Product:

-Bottled Maha Branded water (500ml up to 20 liters)

– Personalized water Branding.eg for events

– Office/ home water Supply.

-Home under sink Reserve Osmosis machine supply and fitting/ accessories e.g water filters/ Dispensers.

– Water Refilling.

How has Tsavo helped us?

They have blessed us with a platform for us to sell water and we pray as Tsavo grows we will grow with them if they allow us to set up Maha water mart in their buildings. That’s our prayer.

Secondly, I love to watch/listen to the real-life experience talks given by Mr. and Mrs. Mcharo. 

-Their love of inspiring and uplifting youth (Tsavo team is composed of amazing young people).

 -By them seeking/putting God first in whatever they do (Setting up Chapel/Church in all buildings).

-By them Sponsoring/paying School fees for over 200 kids).

Without them even knowing (Mcharo’s) they have inspired us in so many ways as a couple and have come to realize that we have two things in common. (Our wives manage the finance, and they are good at it and us both fellowship at Mavuno Church just different Campuses). May God Bless them.


From Matt: 6:33 But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. 

Work hard and for sure God will bless the works of your Hands.

Thank you for his opportunity and may God’s Favor be upon you all Tsavo team.


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Why Invest Back Home?

Feel the rhythm of Kenya with this new song that celebrates the beauty and diversity of this amazing country


Let’s get ready to party, folks! Yesterday was Labor Day in Kenya, and that means
it’s time to celebrate all the hard-working folks who keep this country running

Whether you’re a doctor, a teacher, a farmer, or a shopkeeper, Labor Day is your
day to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Grab your friends and
family, fire up the grill, and let’s get this party started!

But while we’re having fun, let’s not forget the reason we’re celebrating.
Labor Day is all about recognizing the contributions of workers to the economy
and advocating for better working conditions and wages. So let’s raise a glass
to all the trailblazing union leaders and activists who fought for our rights
and made this day possible.

And if you’re feeling particularly festive, why not dress up in your best
work attire? Don a hard hat, a lab coat, or a business suit and show off your
professional pride. You could even hold a mini-parade around your neighborhood
to honor the workers in your community.

Whatever you do, make sure you take a moment to appreciate the hard work and
dedication of the people around you.

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The shortest distance between two points on Earth is not a straight line but actually a path through the Earth’s core.


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CAPTION:  “When you wake up early on a weekend and realize you don’t have to be up for anything”

By Eric Waititu


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