Financial Freedom

Having mastered psychology, marketers of consumer products have taken human wants and desires and turned them into needs.

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Having mastered psychology, marketers of consumer products have taken human wants and desires and turned them into needs. Consumerism has become a symbol of success, dignity, and security even though in actual fact those addicted to consumerism become poorer, are inwardly insecure and live undignified lives. Social media enables the whole world to connect yet loneliness is at an all-time high. Betting promises quick riches but it makes people poorer and like drugs, it is highly addictive. Many long to be in the social scene yet end up being gripped by the fear of missing out.

All in all, consumerism is winning, and by a huge margin. It is the most successful movement in human history. More successful than all religions, political and philosophical movements put together. Malls are the new cathedrals, capitalists are the new high priests and the middle class the ever obedient flock. Guided by emotions, fear and a deep need to fit in, the middle class buy stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know.

Yet all is not lost. There is a small number of strong-willed champions who daily fight personal and societal desires for a better tomorrow. They see beyond the here and now, saying no to instant gratification and taking the higher way that leads to a secure and dignified future devoid of fear of lack. These heroic people are investors who daily learn that happiness, dignity, and security are developed by first and foremost our character and not people’s perception.

Success is not about appearances, it is about reality, It is not about looking rich, it is about being secure emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Most in the middle-class world rather stay in Egypt. Yes, they will have garlic and occasional meat but they live in a life of slavery. Slavery to salary to appearances and to their uncontrolled desires. Yet there is a small but strong minority that is ready to cross the red sea and face the desert with all it’s problems because they know that beyond the Jordan is the promised land.

Many reading this belong to the small minority. Some of you were always disciplined and all we did was offer a good alternative. Some of you have had to tweak your lifestyles to adopt the investor’s mindset. I know that all of you who invest get a certain joy just by knowing you are doing the right thing. Yet there is more we can all do; will you choose to be swift across the desert or will you meander for 40years before reaching the promised land? Willy ou focus on your plan or do the sights and sounds of Egypt keep calling you back?

All of us have family and friends stuck on the other side of the red sea. People we love who are deep the slavery of consumerism. Do you think you have a responsibility to share your story with them? A responsibility to point to them that the red sea can part and the desert can be crossed? The promised land of financial independence is a true blessing. It is a place where you never need to worry about finance because you have passive cashflow, a place where you never need to worry what people think because your character is solid, a place where you can focus on your purpose because your needs are already met. I know this because I crossed the red sea, I braved the desert and now live on the other side of Jordan. It is beautiful

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