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The TSAVO ecosystem is divided into three categories:

  • Live
  • Work
  • Invest

You can choose to live by occupying any of our available properties, work by applying to join our team, and invest through buying units in any of our upcoming developments.

As a resident, you have already interacted with a part of us; Live. Now we would like to introduce you to Invest.

TSAVO and its investors are believers in F.I.R.E. Financial Independence Retire Early, and we wouldn’t want to leave you out of the fun! Financial Independence means having enough passive cash flow to fulfil your needs, wants, desires, and eventually your purpose.

The Financial Independence journey looks different for everyone, and we are here to enable you reach your destination by providing a solution:

Monthly rental income! Did you know that the rent you pay goes to an investor’s pocket? Yes! Those who invest in TSAVO earn monthly rental income through the rent you pay. Owning an asset that generates cash flow for you passively is what Financial Independence is all about, and our investors understand it.

Have you imagined what it would be like to own your first apartment and have enough money to do what you really wanted to? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that getting there is as easy as simple division!

You can now own a TSAVO Apartment easily with our new 0% deposit payment plan! With this new payment plan, all you have to do is divide the selling price by the number of months you will take to pay, and you are set! Let’s do the math.

If you are planning to buy a studio in Royal 4 at 1.8M, divide that by 60 months and you will get 30,000 which is what you will pay with the five-year payment plan!

Alternatively, you can divide the selling price by the amount you are able to pay to get the number of months you will take.

For instance, if you wish to pay 40,000 per month, divide 1.8M by 40,000 and you will get 45. That’s the number of months you will pay to completion.

With our prior payment plans, you were required to make a deposit of 20% before you could begin the monthly payment, but we have come up with another solution to make investment as easy as possible for you!

This new payment plan will be available in our newest project, Royal Suburbs 4, which is next to the completed Royal 1 and the upcoming Royals 2 and 3. The 0% deposit plan will be available only to the first 45% of investors in the project.

For a more comprehensive break down of the new payment plan and the project it will be launched with, you can watch the webinar that has a comprehensive breakdown of the plan.

Let the TSAVO ecosystem work for you. Become a Tsavorite on FIRE by owning your first unit! Take advantage of the 0% deposit payment plan and work your way up to your Financial Independence number. Don’t forget, here at TSAVO, we exist to enable investors achieve financial independence through Affordable Amazing Apartments😊

For more information, kindly click this link and you will be connected to one of our investment consultants.

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