Have you addressed this question?

Have you addressed this question?

At the core of the investment journey is the reason WHY you want to invest. There exist very many generic reasons WHY people invest but these are not very useful. To be able to stay the cause you need to be very specific to yourself as a unique individual, a couple, a family or a group as to WHY you want to invest.


If you don’t fully address this question you’ll find it very hard to invest in the long term. Your WHY becomes your true north and it’s going to prevent you from being waylaid by things like consumerism, speculation or by simple fatigue.


This question why can not be addressed through the ego or bravado or some publicly accepted notion as to WHY people invest. This question can only be addressed by understanding. You need to understand yourself, your circumstance and your goals. This understanding of WHY you want to invest will give you focus and stamina and these are tools that you require to invest in the long term.


Will power and a good attitude are important attributes they’re good to get you started but they’re not enough to keep you going because they’re not sustainable. You need to have clarity of thought. WHY is going to give you that clarity of thought. Clarity of thought is going to shape the actions that you take, the things you do and things you don’t do. These actions over time become habits and these habits become embedded in you and they develop your character. It is this character that is going to lead you from where you are, to that place of your destiny, that’s the place we want to be, but it all started with WHY. Your WHY.

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