Just Divide

The TSAVO ecosystem is divided into three categories: Live Work Invest You can choose to live by occupying any of our available properties, work by applying to join our team, and invest through buying units in any of our upcoming developments. As a resident, you have already interacted with a part of us; Live. Now […]

TSAVO Payment Plan

In the Mcharo’s quest for financial independence, they discovered real estate, and the benefits that could be added to it. There’s only so much that you can afford in real estate, you know. With that in mind, they went looking for an affordable piece of land and discovered one in Athi river. When purchasing it, […]

Financial Literacy on YouTube Instagram & TikTok

Financial Literacy On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Here is a list of TOP personal finance influencers in Kenya you can add to your social media feed. Invest some time in being Financially Aware. Val Njoroge Susan Wanjiku Waithaka Gatumia Thinkfluencer Juliet Odhiambo Rina Hicks Amos Ngahu Oluwatosin Olaseinde Influencer Real Estate Investment We exist to enable […]

The Choice To Invest

Do you feel that there is too much month left at the end of the money? That the cycle between payday, bills, sherehe, and more payday is never ending? Then there’s a problem. The path to Financial Independence is open, but not many choose to take it. Acknowledging that you have a financial problem and […]

The Path To Possibilities

Personal finance and investing towards financial independence is a wonderful thing but let’s be clear, it is not the goal of life.

Financial Freedom

Having mastered psychology, marketers of consumer products have taken human wants and desires and turned them into needs.