Jamhuri and Your Independence

Happy Jamhuri Day! As we celebrate Jamhuri Day, a day symbolizing our freedom and sovereignty as a nation, let’s take a moment to reflect on another form of independence – financial independence. Just as our nation gained autonomy, each one of us has the power to liberate ourselves financially. So, what does financial independence truly […]

Land Search

Before committing yourself to an investment in real estate, it’s important to know if the developer is the owner of what they are selling you. When deciding to purchase an apartment, how sure are you that the land being built on belongs to the developer? Due diligence, as always, applies in this case. The Ministry […]

The Investment Dream

The joy felt when your apartment is finally handed over to you. The anxious days and months spent waiting for it to be built. And then, the slow realization that this will be your source of passive income for years to come. Owning an apartment is a dream come true for many, and it is […]

What Accessible Financing Means

Financial independence is a journey travelled without debt. It’s not about how much you earn, but how much you save while doing so. We believe that everyone should be able to achieve financial independence. That’s why we came up with Affordable Amazing Apartments. Owning investment in real estate with passive returns that accumulate for years […]

Investing in Your Financial Independence

You have heard the narrative severally on why you should invest, what you should invest in, and all other relevant information. But why are you investing? What is this need you want to fulfil? Having a purpose is essential as it gives the direction of your actions, but not everyone is aware of their purpose […]

Overcoming Investment Hurdles

Hurdles are the hardships we face in any activity, be it corporate, education, or even investment. They hinder us from achieving our goals, and therefore must be overcome even before we get to them. Hurdles are classified into four main categories: 1. Cognitive This simply means being aware of the need you have. We all […]